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14 Printing Specifications Explained: Guidelines for a Correct Quote Request

Like many industries, commercial printing has its own vocabulary to describe the pieces and parts of the business. When using printing services, make sure you communicate the correct printing specifications to the printer. If directions are clear, you… Read More

How Custom Printed Post-it Notes Get Messages to Stick

Get Messages to Stick with Custom Printed Post-it Notes Back in the 1980s, Post-it® Notes, generically called “sticky note pads,” were revolutionary. The self-stick papers completely changed the way we leave notes and mark important items for ourselves… Read More

How to Select and Distribute the Best Trade Show Promos

Trade shows are a great way to reach a large amount of potential customers quickly and efficiently. With so many booths available to visit, it is essential that your company’s display catches the attention of attendees and entices… Read More

Printing on Colored Paper Instead of Using Color Inks

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Print Marketing and Digital Marketing: Two Strategies That Go Great Together

Websites, apps, e-commerce, social media, pop up ads—we are constantly interacting with digital content. With an infinite amount of information, it can be hard to decipher where to look to get just the right goods and services we… Read More

6 Unique Promotional Product Campaigns to Inspire Your Creativity

If you Google search for promotional products, you are going to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. At Brumley Printing we offer one of the largest promotional product inventories in the Greater Fort Worth area…. Read More

Direct Mail Retargeting: 5 Tips for Getting the Most Impact

Direct Mail Retargeting: Everything Old is New Again Is Direct Mail Retargeting a good choice for marketing your business service or product? Explaining how this works is best illustrated by a real-life example: Monica was looking for a… Read More

To Do Offset Printing or To Do Digital Printing, That Is the Question!

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Understanding Print Fulfillment

Brumley Printing Fort Worth – Blog Understanding Print Fulfillment Outsourcing your print fulfillment needs to a reliable and trustworthy provider can save your business time, money and space. In this article, we will explain the different types of… Read More

How Do You Choose a Promotional Product?

Most companies buy promotional products to market to prospects, clients and event attendees. In fact here at Brumley Printing, we provide thousands of promotional items for our customers. Whether you’re an advertising newbie or a seasoned marketer, you… Read More