Offset Printing and Its Many Benefits

Offset Printing Services at Brumley Printing in Fort Worth Texas

We realize this game works better if we’re in the same room but humor us for a bit and raise your hand if you know the term “offset printing.” Now, put your hand down if you are a marketing or printing professional. Put your hand down if you have a family member in the marketing or printing business. There likely are not a lot of hands left up.  The reality is that while many in Fort Worth are familiar with Brumley Printing’s superior printing services, they may not know all the printing terminology used in the industry.

At Brumley Printing, we offer a variety of processes to fit your unique needs. This includes digital and offset printing, flexography, gravure, screen printing, and stochastic screening. To help you understand how Brumley Printing makes your company’s sales and collateral materials look amazing, we want to introduce you to terms of the trade. 

Offset Printing: Your High-Quality, Low-Cost for Larger Projects

Offset printing, also referred to as offset lithography and four-color printing, is a popular multiple-color commercial printing method that’s been in use since the early 20th century. The term “offset” refers to the fact that images are not transferred directly from a lithographic printing plate to the printing medium. Instead, images are transferred or offset from the printing surface to a rubber blanket and finally to the printing surface (paper, plastic, cardboard, or other flat materials). Technology and computers have improved and streamlined the process, but the basic method remains the same—and the results are high-quality, full-color photographic images.

This production method is different than what your home laser or inkjet printer would do. Offset printing takes specialized equipment and training. Also, there is a cost involved with producing the metal plate. However, once the plate is made, it can be used over and over again—for thousands of copies!

Offset Printing is the perfect choice for high quality and large quantities over 1,000 pieces! Call (817) 336-5551 to learn more.

This makes offset printing a great option for large printing projects.

  • Brochures
  • Sales Flyers
  • Manuals
  • Business Cards
  • Catalogs
  • Direct Mail & Postcards
  • Media Kits
  • Personalized Direct Mail

This video provides a great overview of how an offset printing press works:

4 Benefits of Offset Printing

1. Lower cost

Offset printing allows you to produce large quantities of printed materials at affordable prices. Offset printing is a great choice for small and large runs.  And because producing the reusable aluminum printing plates is typically the most expensive step in the process, large print orders offer a lower cost per copy than smaller orders.

2. Higher quality

Offset printing produces very high-quality images without sacrificing quality. This includes finer lines and richer colors than digital printing, which uses toner instead of ink. Print quality consistency can also be better controlled so your entire order looks clean and sharp with excellent color fidelity.

3. More options

Offset printing allows for custom color options and a plethora of stock choices. You can choose from thinner to thicker papers, foils, and finishes, including matte, satin, and high gloss. Brumley Printing is here to help you narrow down the choices with their expert advice. With 30+ years of experience, the team will help you select the right look for your printing project.

4. Perfect choice for sales materials

As previously mentioned, brochures, catalogs, stationery, magazines, and other sales materials that require large runs and professional appeal are perfect projects for offset printing.


Raise your hand if you want to learn more about offset printing with Brumley Printing, or simply call (817) 336-5551.

As great as offset printing is it is not the right choice for every situation. You may want to investigate other printing options if:

  • You want a press proof. The full set up of the metal plate is required for a single proof.
  • You only need small quantities, and more won’t be required later on
  • Your projects require variable data
  • Your deadlines are too close to allow for offset printing production time, which can be slightly longer than digital printing turnarounds

When working with a local commercial printing company to manage your offset printing jobs, request a press proof. This will allow you to review the final product and make any necessary changes before authorizing the full printing run. Request digital proof before authorizing the full run if you’re working with a remote commercial printer. Although digital proofs do not allow you to review the print stock and finish, they will enable you to inspect the visual elements to ensure they will be reproduced to your specifications.

Offset Printing at Brumley Printing

Brumley Printing Is Your Offset Printing Headquarters

Now that you understand the lingo, it’s time to contact Brumley Printing for your next offset printing order! When you choose Brumley Printing as your print provider, be assured that you are getting high quality and great value. Brumley Printing has been helping Fort Worth businesses with their printing and marketing needs for over 30 years. We provide quality services at affordable prices and a range of methods—including offset printing—to meet your project’s unique needs and demands. Plus, we offer unprecedented service and guidance to every client. To get started, give us a call at (817) 336-5551.

When we ask “Raise your hand if you love Brumley Printing!” every hand in the room gets held up high!

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