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6 Ways Print Fulfillment Outsourcing Benefits Your Business

Did you know print fulfillment outsourcing is one of the most effective ways businesses can reduce annual printing costs? Sure, the job still must get done, and there are costs involved no matter what. But rather than you or your team tackling a sizable print job in-house, a third-party vendor who specializes in these tasks can print, store, collate, assemble, package, and even ship printed and promotional products far more efficiently.

Beyond the cost savings, that’s plenty of peace of mind—especially if you ultimately choose a reliable, seasoned, and trustworthy provider like Brumley Printing in Fort Worth, TX.

Let’s look at some of the top benefits of print fulfillment outsourcing that can impact your bottom line.

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Consider These Benefits of Outsourcing Your Print Fulfillment Needs

1.   Cost Savings

Most business owners think keeping their print fulfillment functions in-house saves them money. But the reality is far different. In fact, many are shocked by what they actually spend on printing each year. Per research from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the average employee makes 10,000 copies or prints each year and costs your company up to $1,200 in printing annually. When you factor in storage, printing equipment, material handling equipment, utilities, and payroll, in-house print fulfillment is usually more expensive than outsourcing.

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2.   Access to the Latest Printing Technology

As any business owner knows, keeping up with the latest technological developments is an ongoing task regardless of the industry vertical. By outsourcing your print fulfillment activities to a full-service commercial printer, you have access to the latest in printing technology without the overhead and training needed to do the job in-house.

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3.   Flexibility

Print fulfillment outsourcing provides you with a higher degree of flexibility and access to the latest suite of print fulfillment services to help you respond quickly to changing demands. These services are especially beneficial for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations. Print fulfillment services can include the following:

  • Pick and pack — Selecting ordered materials from their cartons and combining them with other requested materials from other cartons. This is perfect for orders that vary in content and aren’t prepackaged in standard quantities (20 folders, 10 brochures, and 15 pens vs. 15 folders, 20 inserts, and 12 notepads).
  • Case picking — Pull unopened, full cartons from the warehouse and prepare for shipment. This service doesn’t involve opening cartons and picking out materials and promotional items from the cartons.
  • Assembly — Printed materials are collated, combined, gathered, folded, and organized into a unit.
  • Kitting — Kits are assembled ahead of time with pre-chosen items and quantities. The kits are identical and are stored until needed for filling orders.
  • Variable data printing — Printed pieces are customized for each recipient. For example, a printed promotional postcard will have each individual name and address.
  • Print on demand — Only print what you need for each order without having to pre-purchase or store large quantities of printed and promotional materials. This print fulfillment service allows you to make changes as desired without figuring out what to do with the backstock.
  • Warehousing and fulfillment — If you have additional items to add to your outgoing orders that are not provided or produced by your print fulfillment company, they may still be able to store, fulfill, and ship these products for an additional cost.
  • Drop shipping — When a customer makes a purchase from you, the print fulfillment provider picks the item from their warehouse, packs it, and ships it to the customer.
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4.   Improved Storage and Distribution Efficiency

In addition to the warehousing and fulfillment services mentioned above, your print fulfillment partner will provide you with an end-to-end inventory and distribution solution. This allows you to conserve space and money in that physical square footage is no longer required for storing materials in-house. And because print fulfillment providers operate at high volumes, they are typically able to negotiate lower rates with freight and parcel carriers.

5.   Cross-Channel Conformity

By controlling every aspect of the printing process, your outsourced print fulfillment ensures uniformity of all your printed materials. This conveys a more professional image for your business.

6.   Fewer Errors

Outsourcing your print fulfillment needs gives you experience and resources. As a result, you experience a more streamlined process so that assembly and distribution happen faster and with fewer errors while still allowing customization to meet your company’s individual needs.

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Depend on Brumley Printing: Your Print Fulfillment Outsourcing Partner!

Outsourcing print fulfillment services saves you money and the headaches of using complicated, expensive, in-house equipment and having to deal with limited storage space. No matter which services you need, a qualified print fulfillment provider can efficiently print, gather, organize, and distribute your company’s printed products and promotional materials—leaving you and your employees more time to grow your business.

Brumley Printing in Fort Worth offers a wide variety of print fulfillment services under one roof. We can expertly handle your printing, promotional materials, and fulfillment needs from start to finish. When you choose Brumley Printing as your print provider, be assured that you are getting high quality and great value. Brumley Printing has been helping Fort Worth businesses with their printing and marketing needs for over 30 years. We provide quality services at affordable prices and a range of methods to meet your project’s unique needs and demands. Plus, we offer unprecedented service and guidance to every client.

To get started, give us a call at (817) 336-5551 or contact us.

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