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5 Ways Digital Printing Revolutionized the Printing Industry

Perhaps one of the more exciting elements of the commercial printing industry is that it is constantly evolving. When offset printing services debuted in 1875—printing companies relied exclusively on big metal plates to transfer an inked image to paper and other materials. Though time-consuming because of the many steps involved, the process was highly effective and resulted in a stunning image. But as time passed, the need for faster, simplified, vibrant, and more flexible printing options paved the way for digital printing.

This isn’t to say traditional printing no longer has a place in today’s digital world. But there’s no denying that digital printing has become the preferred printing method for large corporate marketing and small businesses.

How exactly is digital printing revolutionizing the printing industry? Read on to find out.

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Why Digital Printing Has Advantages

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There is no contact between paper and printer with digital printing. Instead, computer-operated inkjet nozzles dispense ink onto the paper. As technology has advanced, two popular types of digital presses were born: inkjet and laser presses. While inkjet presses make use of ink to create images, laser presses employ toner. Digital files like PDFs or desktop publishing files are used to send these images to the press—thus eliminating the need for the traditional plate required by offset presses. This printing method is suitable for producing business cards, envelopes, card stock, or any print material with a unique code or address.

Here are a few benefits of digital printing to take into consideration:

1: Faster turnaround times.

Traditional offset printing requires plate creation and press preparation, whereas digital printing uses digital files and computers. As you can imagine, this means you can print immediately and on demand, which can be a huge selling point when you’re on deadline and need quick and efficient production.

2: Cost-effective.

Digital printing costs are lower than traditional printing because there’s no prep time. Also, digital printing is flexible enough to handle large batch orders or low-volume jobs such as business cards, posters, brochures, flyers, newsletters, etc. With the extra steps involved with traditional printing, you’d need large-volume ordering to be cost-effective. But even then, you risk having too much inventory, wasted copies, and extra storage costs.

3: Customization, proofing, and personalization.

Due to minimal setup in digital printing, it’s possible to make single sheet prints and file alterations before starting the process, enabling faster proofing and personalized data edits. This feature of variable data permits customization of messages on each printed item within a single run.

4: Better color and print quality.

In today’s world, visual appeal is essential to creating a professional image, brand recognition, making a lasting impression, and grabbing your audience’s attention. Digital presses run on a four-color processing system but can also simulate the use of Pantone® ink to the closest CMYK equivalent. This means the consumer benefits from higher-resolution printing, accurate color reproduction, and sharper detail from one print job to the next.

5: Eco-friendly.

Reducing carbon footprints has many advantages for you, your business, and the environment. Unlike offset printing, digital printing reduces the need for numerous manufacturing steps, thus resulting in fewer equipment and energy requirements. Moreover, digital printing does not use water-based inks, coatings, or powders, making it the ideal choice for eco-conscious companies since it significantly reduces water consumption.

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Is Digital Printing Right for You?


Understanding the materials and procedures involved is essential to determine whether digital printing can benefit your company. The volume of the materials you intend to produce, and the intricacy of the designs are also crucial factors to consider. As previously mentioned, digital printing is generally a more suitable choice for short print runs, while offset printing is more appropriate for high-volume printing.

Digital printing sets itself apart from standard offset printing with its quicker turnaround, reduced costs for shorter runs, streamlined setup, simplified proofing, and more. If you seek top-quality printing that can save both time and money, digital printing may be a viable solution.

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Overall, digital printing has completely transformed the printing industry by providing a more efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality solution for your printing needs. Whether it’s producing marketing materials, business cards, invitations, or fine art prints, digital printing has set a new standard for the industry. Embracing this technology is essential for staying competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

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