Does direct mail still work

Does Direct Mail Still Work?

One of our clients, an independent insurance agent, was concerned that she couldn’t justify the cost of a new direct mail campaign for the new year. She wondered does direct mail still work, and was thinking about putting all of her advertising dollars into a social media campaign instead. Even in our digital world of social media, websites and email, traditional direct mail is still a reliable—and profitable—way to reach potential and returning customers. We shared the 12 statistics below to show that direct mail campaigns, using quality printed materials from Brumley Printing, can reach more potential clients than digital campaigns alone.

  1. Don’t you enjoy the anticipation of opening your mailbox, and getting excited when you receive something special that isn’t a bill? 56% of Americans consider receiving mail a joy. And this isn’t true of just older generations used to “snail mail” and life before the Internet. Millennials and Generation Y also enjoy mail, with 90% of Millennials believing that direct mail is reliable, and over 90% of Generation Y survey participants stating that they love receiving physical mail. Further, more than half of Millennials have made purchases based on direct mail offers.

Reach More Potential Clients with Direct Mail

  • 70 % of people sort through their mail right after removing it from the mailbox. Oversized envelopes get even more attention than postcards and standard envelopes. Direct mail open rates can be as high as 90%, with a 42% read/scan rate. When was the last time advertising emails had that kind of open rate?
  • People have become indifferent to pop up ads and also install ad blockers. They find direct mail 43% less annoying than Internet marketing. They also find direct mail 70% more personal than online contact.
  • Response rates are higher for direct mail, with 5.1% of households and 4.4% of B2B responding to direct mail. Conversely, digital response rates are: email 0.1%, paid search 0.6%, online display 0.2% and social media 0.4%.
  • 135%! That’s the increase in the rate of response for adding personalization and full color to a direct mail item. Adding a personalized name makes a huge impact.
  • Over 18% of past customers respond to direct mail. If you want to encourage past customers to come back, direct mail increases the chances of repeat business with them.

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Does direct mail still work
  • Even if digital ads are less expensive, the ROI on direct mail campaigns is higher. For every $167 spend on direct mail, the average amount of products and/or services sold was @2,095. That is a whopping 1300% ROI!
  • Financial service industries use direct mail the most, including insurance, credit cards, mortgage lending, banking and other investments.
  • Non-profit organizations can increase donations by up to 40% through targeted direct mail campaigns. People tend to trust print marketing more than other types (calls, emails, etc.) when determining where to allocate their donation dollars.
  • Printed catalogs entice consumers. Catalog recipients bought 28% more than those not receiving a print catalog.
  • Does direct mail still work? It does reach potential clients. Those who respond to direct marketing often make purchases. Of those who responded to any direct mail campaign in the past three months, 62% made a purchase. Plus, 39% of consumers tried a new business due to a received direct mail item. Additionally, 54% of consumers are open to receiving direct mail from brands that interest them.
  • Direct mail is over a $40 billion industry! Don’t you want to be a part of it? Brumley Printing can help you design a complete campaign including quality, eye-catching direct mail pieces.

After reading the statistics, our client was no longer wondering does direct mail still work? Working together, we were able to advise her on a combination of direct mail postcards to nearby neighborhoods and flyers for retargeting website visitors. She increased interest in her business, and gained new clients for her agency. Direct mail was exactly what she needed to build her business!

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