Domtar launches Paper Made Here program

We at Brumley Printing want to share an inside look at American families and importance of American products when selecting partners for printing needs. Enjoy this video from Domtar. – Kirk Brumley

Last year, Domtar launched its Paper Made Here program to help raise awareness about the importance of buying North American paper, including its business benefits as well as its positive economic, social and environmental impacts. The North American paper industry provides tens of thousands of hometown jobs, and helps strengthen our economy, which in turn helps other businesses and industries flourish.

As you may know, we have created an award-winning video series to help share our Paper Made Here story. Today, I’m excited to share the release of the latest installment in the series, entitled The Steward, which details the integral role small forest landowners play in responsible forest management.

Landowners are increasingly important to ensuring the long-term health and future of our forests. This year, through the work of Paper Made Here, Domtar will focus its efforts on empowering small landowners like Donna to seek third-party certifications and better understand how to sustainably manage their land, in order to ensure that forests stay forests for future generations to come.

I hope you will share this video and its powerful message with your colleagues, friends, and family. To learn more about the importance of buying North American paper and the Paper Made Here story, you can visit

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