Printed pieces for presentations

Printed Pieces for Presentations: A Checklist

Printed Pieces Are a Prerequisite for Perfect Presentations

Getting in front of a large audience for a big presentation, workshop, seminar, training, or keynote can be an adrenaline rush. It can also be nerve-wracking. However, advanced planning can take away the panic, helping you feel calm, collected, and ready to present. Chances are the digital version of your content is ready to go and practiced. But also having quality printed items prepared for the big day will give a confident and professional impression to attendees.

Printed pieces for presentations

Here is a checklist for items needed when preparing printed pieces for presentations. 

Custom printed invitations to the presentation can be mailed or hand delivered. An invitation may be the first impression, so it should reflect the branding of the presenter and business.
If the presentation takes place in a large venue, such as hotel or conference center, create directional and entry signs to the meeting room, welcoming participants and announcing the presentation.
Banners with the company logo and tagline can be used for branding at presentations, trade shows, reception areas and more.
Have enough customized table covers or table overlays to brand check in areas.
Presentation folders will keep any handouts neat and tidy.
Sales collateral, including brochures, introduction letters, sales sheets, data sheets and reviews, to fill the presentation folders.
One line that should never be said: “Sorry, I’m out of business cards.”
If the presentation introduces new products, have a printed catalog ready to distribute. Not everyone wants to navigate online catalogs.
Have stats and figures that you really want to emphasize? A large format chart or poster will stay visible even when you are changing slides during the presentation.
Printed pieces for presentations can include a spiral bound booklet of the presentation slides so participants can follow along, take notes, and refer back to important points.
If preferred, a custom cover binder can hold presentation handouts and other collateral items.
Have surveys and feedback forms printed and ready to distribute at the end of the presentation.
Show gratitude to participants for their time by sending thank you cards after the presentation.

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Printed pieces for presentations are not just about paper and signage. Here are ideas for promotional items that will make your presentation stand out from the crowd.

  • Consider matching, branded shirts for all company employees visible at the presentation or event. If a suit is more appropriate than business casual, how about branded ties or pocket squares?
  • Custom label bottled water is an added opportunity to keep the company name in front of participants.
  • How many times do guests forget to bring something to write with? Offer customized logo pens to every participant!
  • Promotional products to distribute as gifts, prizes and more! Brumley Printing has tons of choices! If you want to choose the best promotional product for your presentation, read our helpful blog for ideas.

At Brumley Printing, getting printed pieces for presentations is simple. Our professionals offer expert design advice and quality papers. And the precise, crisp printing is surprisingly affordable! Brumley Printing may not be able to help with stage freight, but we can definitely make your presentation look great by supplying the best printed pieces for presentations.

Printed pieces for presentations

Are you ready for your next presentation, seminar, workshop, training, or keynote? Do you need printed materials to support your content? Brumley has been helping customers in Fort Worth for over 30 years. By combining superior customer service with a multitude of printing, direct mail, and fulfillment services, we provide our clients with results. To get your presentation project started, call (817) 336-5551 or contact us.

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