Print Marketing & Online Marketing – A Recipe for Success

print marketing materialsAlong with having a good website and social media presence, your small business also needs a strong offline presence.  Unfortunately, many small businesses spend months and hundreds of dollars designing their website but give very little thought to the design of their print marketing.

When properly executed, print marketing can be a tremendously powerful complement to your online marketing efforts.

Here are some of the primary ways a well-designed print campaign can benefit your overall marketing strategy.

Sensory Advantages of Print Marketing

Despite the growing focus on digital marketing, some consumers still prefer print.  Printed materials, including flyers, brochures, and direct mail pieces are tangible things that can be held in your hands.  Some consumers still prefer the tactile connection that printed materials make.  And a recent study found printed marketing materials were more effective at evoking an emotional response and creating a subconscious desire for the product or service being advertised; which in turn evoked a higher perceived value than digital ads.

Competitive Advantage of Print Marketing

Because so many businesses have all but abandoned print in favor of online marketing, there is often far less competition for market share.    Personalized direct mail also allows you to target your marketing message to specific prospects with pinpoint accuracy.

Print MarketingReinforces Your Brand

In addition to getting your message before a wider audience, print marketing also helps increase brand awareness among prospect who may not be ready to make a purchase right now, but who may be at that point in the sales cycles at a later date.  In fact, many consumers go online to search for businesses they were initially exposed to through a flyer, direct mail piece, or signage they saw in their local area.

One of the primary keys to success in marketing is to have your brand and your message seen in as many places as possible.  That means achieving the right mix of both online and offline campaigns and measuring the effectiveness of each.

If you aren’t currently doing print marketing, maybe it’s time you consider it.  In recent years, advances in print marketing have made it more affordable and more effective than in years past.

As a leading commercial printing company in Fort Worth, Brumley Printing Company has the experience and the knowledge to help you develop a cost-effective marketing strategy that gets results!  Give us a call at (817) 336-5551 today to learn how we can help your business grow.

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