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Express Gratitude and Appreciation with Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts: 8 Ideas for Any Occasion

Weddings and birthdays, new homes and new babies, holidays, or “just because” are all great reasons for gifts. Giving gifts has been a part of social culture since prehistoric times.  However, it wasn’t until much later that corporate gifts became a critical part of business culture. In today’s business world, selecting just the right corporate gift can be almost as important as hiring the right employees.

Corporate Gifts: A History

In 1883, John D. Rockefeller gave all his male and female employees a calendar. This is the first recorded utilization of corporate gifts. But the idea caught on quickly, and by the early 1900s other business owners saw the benefit of corporate gifts as marketing tools. Promotional products, including pens, pencils, and keychains, were customized with a company logo or name. These were distributed to employees, clients, and the public.

In the 1950s, the number of available promotional products grew. Companies had more creative options for corporate gifts, including mugs, T-shirts, food baskets, and more. Today, there are endless promotional products available to fit every taste, every industry, and every budget.

corporate gifts

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Corporate Gift Recipients

Giving corporate gifts helps build relationships. The main reasons companies distribute gifts are:

  • Express gratitude
  • Congratulate achievements and milestones
  • Recognize importance of recipients
  • Show value and appreciation
  • Promote loyalty and partnership
  • Build brand awareness

When selecting a corporate gift, it is helpful to keep the target recipient in mind:

  • Employees. Employees are more loyal and work harder when they feel appreciated and valued. Following Rockefeller’s example, corporate gifts help foster a feeling of belonging. A corporate gift also recognizes employee contributions to your company’s success. 
  • Prospects and potential clients/customers. Corporate gifts help you stand out from competitors and motivate prospects to remember you. Surprising and delighting potential clients shows that you will go the extra mile to satisfy them.
  • Current clients, customers, and business partners. Corporate gifts show clients and partners that they are valued. A thoughtful gift indicates their continued patronage is not taken for granted.
corporate gifts

No matter what your corporate gift budget may be, Brumley Printing has the perfect choice for your brand. Here are some of our best corporate gifts your company can proudly hand out to your chosen recipients.

Top 8 Corporate Gift Ideas

corporate gifts planner
Take Rockefeller’s calendar idea to the next level with an executive weekly planner. It’s a corporate gift that will be used every day.
corporate gifts scented candle
Scent triggers memories and good vibes. A luxurious scented candle in an elegant container will impress your clients.
corporate gifts
A leather cord wrap or organizer is perfect for anyone who uses electronic devices every day. Corporate gift recipients will think of you every time they reach for an untangled, easy to find cord.
corporate gifts
Fidgeting is fun with a colorful silicone popper toy. It’s positively practical, popular, and priced right!
corporate gifts
Potential clients can keep track of their stuff—and keep track of your brand—with a wireless locator tracker that synchs with a smartphone or tablet.
corporate gifts wine
Customized wine and stemless glasses? Yes, please! This is an extra special corporate gift for those extra special people.
corporate gifts
A phone mount for laptops keeps a smartphone right at eyelevel. It keeps your logo at eyelevel, too. Gift recipients love receiving something useful!
corporate gifts
Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks? Your logo will be associated with warm feelings and cozy comfort.

From luxurious elegance to affordable fun, corporate gifts should be thoughtful, memorable, and useful. They are a great marketing tool for brand identity. Plus, corporate gifting shows recipients that they matter to your company.

Make An Impression with Corporate Gifts. Call (817) 336-5551 for ideas.

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