5 Proven Ways to Market Your Business

marketing your businessIf starting a business is hard, marketing an existing one can be even harder. Getting your products in front of your audience and your brand firmly planted in their minds takes a lot of effort. Yet, it’s only those that succeed at this than ever achieve long-lasting success in their given field.

Luckily for you, we’ve been helping SMBs market companies for a long time and have identified five proven tactics that, if done right, can put you on the frontline and set you up for continued growth.

Invest in promotional products

Promotional products are an affordable and effective way to market your business.  Promotional products include branded T-Shirts, tote bags, note pads, pens, and many other items that you give away to customers and prospects with the aim of building brand awareness. It is said that a consumer needs to see a message seven times before making a purchase. Promotional products are the ideal way to put your message in front of these prospects.

Consider experience marketing

Also known as “live marketing” or “experiential marketing”, experience marketing is a form of adverting that immerses the consumer within the product by engaging as many of the human senses as possible. The end result is usually a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand that can generate brand loyalty and have a dramatic influence on buying decisions.

Teach a class

Not that you should start teaching classes at your local college or university. This is also a good idea. But, you can even teach within your office. Invite people who’d like to learn a particular subject and offer to teach them for a small fee, perhaps on weekends and after work. You’ll be able to get the word out about the business you own as part of the experience.

Organize or participate in workshops

Workshops are almost similar to classes except that they are shorter and are more hands-on. They are also more industry-specific. You can organize the workshops and invite local businesses to participate or give talks in other organizations’ workshops. The main advantage is that you’ll feature prominently in materials promoting the event.

For food and beverage businesses, consider a tasting event

Finally, if you’re in the consumables business, tastings and samplings can win you a lot of customers. You simply set up a sampling stand at a local grocery or trade show then give out free samples of your foods. Very few people turn down free consumables so rest assured of drawing a large audience.  Even if you’re in another industry, giveaways of your products or services can help you achieve the same results.

Interested in learning about these or other ways to market your business?  Give us a call to discuss your specific goals.  Chances are, we have a solution that meets your needs and budget.

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