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How to Reduce Commercial Printing Costs

Every smart business owner knows that saving money is every bit as important during the good times as it is when things are tight.  This means constantly monitoring expenses and taking every opportunity to shave a few cents… Read More

Direct Mail is More Effective than Digital Advertising According to Study

When it comes to marketing your small business, you have lots of choices.  Online marketing including search engine advertising, display ads and Facebook Ads can also be effective, and email marketing has proven very beneficial for companies with… Read More

Should You Buy or Lease Your Office Printer?

As we’ve discussed many times, using a reliable commercial printing company for larger projects makes sense for most businesses.  But even small mom and pop businesses need a reliable office printer to handle their smaller, day-to-day printing needs…. Read More

Commercial Printing – Don’t Buy Based on Price Alone

One of the main problems today in bidding out your printing is that no one has the same type of printing machines. Some have offset presses, some have digital presses, while others have high-end copiers. All print differently… Read More

5 Proven Ways to Market Your Business

If starting a business is hard, marketing an existing one can be even harder. Getting your products in front of your audience and your brand firmly planted in their minds takes a lot of effort. Yet, it’s only… Read More

Commercial Printing Specifications You Should Know

Commercial printing specifications are like the blueprint for your printing job. All printing projects are made to order. Why? Because each printed piece (whether it’s a book, brochure, flyer, etc) is unique and created for a specific purpose…. Read More

Printing On Plastic – Commercial Printing Tips

Creativity drives a larger variety of promotional products. And as new printing technologies have developed over the past few decades, printing on plastic has become an affordable and very attractive option for many businesses when printing banners, signs,… Read More

Integrated Printing Improves Your ROI

If you’re not using integrated printing for your business, you may be missing out. Implementing an integrated printing solution for your business processes can have a major impact on your ROI. Just recently, a Gartner Group study revealed… Read More

Direct Mail Marketing is Alive and Well

Hopefully, you haven’t fallen victim to the popular misconception that direct mail is dead. In the past, some marketers said the same thing about SEO, display advertising and any number of other marketing tactics. To paraphrase Mark Twain… Read More

How to Choose an Office Printer – Part 2

In our last article, “How to Choose an Office Printer – Part 1” we discussed some general questions to consider when selecting an office printer including what the printer will be used for, and the two primary types… Read More