5 Ways Print Fulfillment Outsourcing Benefits Your Business

approval of a print fulfillment jobAmerican businesses spend an estimated $150 billion each year on printing, and the National Association of Purchasing Managers cites print fulfillment outsourcing as one of the most effective ways businesses can reduce costs.

Here are five benefits that can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.

Cost Savings

Many businesses mistakenly think that keeping their print fulfillment functions in-house will save them money.  However, when you factor in capital expenditures for storage, printing equipment, material handling equipment, utilities and payroll, in-house print fulfillment is usually much more expensive than outsourcing.

Access to the Latest Technologies

As any business owner knows, keeping up with the latest technological developments is an ongoing task regardless of the industry vertical.  By outsourcing your print fulfillment activities to a full-service commercial printer, you have access to the latest in printing technology without the overhead and training needed to do the job in-house.


Print fulfillment outsourcing provides you with a higher degree of flexibility that allows you to respond quickly to changing demands.

Print on demand (POD), or just in time (JIT) printing gives businesses the ability to order quantities of printed materials based on their actual need, which reduces waste.  These services are especially beneficial for businesses that experience seasonal fluctuations.

Improved Storage and Distribution Efficiency

Your print fulfillment partner will provide you with an end-to-end inventory and distribution solution. And because print fulfillment providers operate at high volumes, they are typically able to negotiate lower rates with freight and parcel carriers.

Cross-Channel Conformity

By controlling every aspect of the printing process, your print fulfillment provider can ensure complete uniformity of all your printed materials, which conveys a more professional image for your business.

Brumley Printing Company has been offering cost-effective print fulfillment solutions to businesses in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and beyond for more than 20 years.  Contact us via email or call 817-336-5551 to learn more about our innovative print fulfillment services.

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